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Meet the Minds Behind Healthy Pot

Healthy Pot was created as a way to be more intentional with our plant babies and what we were using to nurture them. Our mediums consist of organic materials that provide your plants with the nutrients they need to flourish.


Meet Kendra & Jaz

You have Kendra, the Master Gardener and Jaz the plant enthusiast. We both found our passions for plants from our grandmothers. We appreciate the knowledge and tips that they passed down to us that we can now share with others.



  • Pest Deterrent: Soilless mediums are not an ideal habitat for those pesky gnats and other insects.

  • Our chunky blends provide the perfect amount of aeration. This blend assists with great drainage and the perfect amount of water retention to help those plant babies thrive. Say goodbye to root rot.

  • Our Moisture Blend is perfect for those tropical plants that like to keep their roots a little damp. This blend consists of the perfect blend of nutrients and water-retaining materials to help those plant babies thrive.

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